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Izakaya experience in Singapore like never before!

When you think of Izakaya, you'd probably think of just stay-to-drink places to chill with friends with beers and sake in Singapore.

Sake Bar Singapore Izakaya Robertson Quay
The Sake Bar at Yamakita

At Yamakita, not only you chill with sake, wines and shochu at our Sake bar, but you can also come down for Tapas and our speciality: Tempura. With our wide range of sake, shochu and wine collections not available elsewhere in Singapore, you can definitely purchase bottles that you've never tried before. Better yet, we have a sake tasting set of 3 cups of 50ml to try the various sake out, before getting the whole bottle.

More than 60 bottles of sake choices available for you!

Sake, Shochu and Wine bar with sommelier
Sake sommeliers at Yamakita

Approach our Sake sommeliers to pair up your sake with the tempuras and other tapas dishes you are ordering for. Not looking to take a bottle of sake? We also offer sake by the glass for 90ml cup or the traditional ichigo serving of 180ml.

Sake bottles for sale
Wide range of Sake bottles at Yamakita

You can view the list of our Sake and Wine menu here.

And for this season of Autumn, we have a fall collection for sake that you can get today!

tempura dining in singapore at robertson quay
Dining at the Tempura counter at Yamakita

How bout drinking and chilling at our Tempura counter? Where you can get freshly prepared tempura authentically, like in Japan! Fry-to-table style tempuras you can indulge straight up HOT and delectable, with over 30 plus choices of tempuras available. If you are not sure of which tempuras to pick, the availability of our omakase style tempura courses to pair with your wines and sakes, with the assistance of our sommeliers, will make your evening memorable!

Japanese Tempura course omakase style dining
SAN tempura course at Yamakita

Our tempura course: SAN, includes the appetizer, sashimi, salad, 2 prawn tempuras, 4 best picked seafood tempuras, 5 recommended vegetable tempuras and a tendon of your choice (Kakiage don, kakiage udon or tencha). And completed with a dessert of the day!

View the Tempura menu here.

Seafood tempura platter preparation
Seafood Mori

When chilling at the Sake and Tapas bar, enjoy the tempura mori platters available and other tapas menu such as the Seafood Mori (5 seafood selections consisting of 2 prawns, kisu fishes, squids, salmons and scallops), Vegetable Mori (daily selections of 5 different vegetable tempuras) and our most ordered by our patrons, the Special Tempura mori (2 pieces of prawns, scallops, kisu fishes and 5 pieces of veggie tempuras).

Salmon Carpaccio Tapas menu at Robertson Quay
Salmon Carpaccio

With the tapas menu specialty of Salmon Carpaccio, A5 Wagyu Bite Size steak and Yamakita Pizza. View the Tapas menu here for more information.

Make your reservation today at

Front view of Yamakita Tempura and Tapas restaurant at Robertson Quay in Singapore
Yamakita Tempura and Tapas

Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas @ Robertson Quay

60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside, #01-05/06, Singapore 238252

6235 4203/8499 6064 (Enquiries/WhatsApp 3.30pm onwards)

Tue to Sun - ​6pm to 11pm

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