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The best & affordable authentic tempuras with wines & sake in Singapore!

Finding for the best tempura in Singapore? Well look no further as Yamakita Tempura and Tapas just opened at the heart of Robertson Quay!

Best tempura recipe
Assorted tempuras - Special Tempura Mori

We offer authentic tempuras (天ぷら) that are prepared and served directly to you at the table in a Japanese style tempura preparation. You can never get any other Japanese tempuras like this in Singapore. With the freshest ingredient handpicked by the chef to be cooked for the day, you can expect high quality tempuras to be served to you.

Tempura preparation by tempura chef
Chef Daiki preparing for Shishitou Tempura

Seafood tempuras like prawn tempura, scallop tempura, eel tempura, sea urchin tempura wrapped in seaweed (nori) and most uncommon of all, the A5 Wagyu tenderloin tempura.

We do offer vegetable tempura for those who are avoiding seafood. Our unique asparagus tempura but with a twist! Its a tempura topped with Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese. And other traditional tempura staple like maitake mushroom tempura, Japanese long bean tempura, broccoli tempura, and many more!

Omakase tempura course
Tempura Omakase Course in 1 plate

Too much tempura varieties? May we offer you a tempura omakase course style which includes appetizers, salads, sashimi, Wagyu hire tempura, prawn tempura, and 4 seafood tempura and 5 vegetable tempura with a side of tendon (Japanese rice bowl) of your choice: Kakiage Don, Kakiage Udon or Tencha. And to be completed with your dessert of the day!

ebi tendon with tendon sauce and rice
Ebi Tendon at the Tapas menu

Not only Tempuras but find yourself at a Japanese tapas at Robertson Quay! With many of our dish varieties like the Italian and Spanish tapas are infused with a Japanese cuisine preparation style.

Salmon Carpaccio with Ikura
Salmon Carpaccio with Ikura toppings

Like the Yamakita Pizza, Ajillo, Wagyu & Salmon Carpaccio and many more to come.

What makes Yamakita so special is our wide range of sake and wine selections that may not be available elsewhere. Our imported sake can be purchased in bottles of 720ml and 1.8L, with the addition of the traditional serving of ichigo (180ml) and by the glass (90ml).

Sake bottles at the Izakaya bar
Over 40 sake choices available

It is not common to drink sake by the glass but here in Yamakita, you can enjoy them and easily pair with most of our tapas items and especially our tempuras!

Interested to try? Make a reservation for Tapas, Sake and Wine bar or Tempura bar here at To view our menu, go to our home page for a list of available dishes and drinks available.

We'll see you tonight!

Yamakita Singapore at Robertson Quay
Tapas Bar and Sake Bar in view from Yamakita front

Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas @ Robertson Quay

60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside, #01-05/06, Singapore 238252

6235 4203/8499 6064 (Enquiries/WhatsApp 3.30pm onwards)

Tue to Sun - ​6pm to 11pm

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