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Top 10 Tempuras You Should Try!

Updated: Feb 9

When visiting Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas at the Tempura counter at Robertson Quay, you may be confused for the various of choices of tempuras you want.

Various tempura on a plate
So many tempuras, what to choose?!

Well, let us give you some recommendations for our top picks by the chef!

10 - Ebi / Prawn Ohba Maki

Prawn tempura wrapped in ohba leaf
Ebi Ohba Maki

The prawn is always a staple at many tempura or tendon restaurants around Singapore. What makes ours different? It's our in-house special batter that enhances the taste of the prawn, which is imported from Japan. And we do have the ohba leaf wrapped prawn tempura available. 9 - Sake / Salmon Ohba Maki

salmon tempura wrapped in ohba leaf
Salmon ohba maki

Going down the list, we have the fresh salmon tempura, which are also wrapped in ohba leaf. menu list! One bite of this tempura, when dipped in any four of our condiments (Okinawan Salt, Japanese Black Pepper, Yuzu Kosho, Yamakita Tempura Sauce), it blows your mind for its freshness!

8 - Hotate / Scallop Ohba Maki

Scallop tempura in ohba leaf
Hotate Ohba Maki

On the eighth place, we have the scallop wrapped with ohba leaf. Consider this to be crispy on the outside yet tender and chewy on the inside.

If you order the Tempura Course, you'd might be lucky that there would be scallops topped with ikura (salmon roe) prepped by the chef. It is a secret menu item that is not found in our tempura menu list!

7 - Anago / Japanese Saltwater Eel

Japanese Saltwater Eel tempura

This particular eel is different from the eels you might get from other dishes, as it is less oily thus when fried, the oiliness will not overwhelm the taste of it. Fresh yet it has a perfect balance of saltiness.

6 - Asparagus with Parmagiano Reggiano

Asparagus tempura topped with parmigiano reggiano cheese
Asparagus with Cheese

It is very unlikely that the Asparagus is in this list! As some might deem the asparagus to be a generic tempura item, once the chef serves this tempura, grinding the cheese infront of you would make it a special experience in tempura dining!

5 - Shiitake Mushroom with Blue Chesse

Shiitake tempura with blue cheese
Shiitake with blue cheese

For the lovers of fine dining, the blue cheese would appear in various French dishes. Making the impossible possible in mixing tempura and blue cheese, the chef managed to combine a cuisine you would be impressed in!

It gets more interesting further down...

4 - Japanese Oysters

Japanese Oyster Tempura
Japanese Oyster Tempura

We have Oysters from Japan in our appetizer menu but for oyster lovers, it is also available in tempura preparation! As juicy as it is, this tempura reflects the taste of the sea in one bite. Yet, the next tempura in this top 10 will be as much more oceanic as this.

3 - Uni Nori / Japanese Sea Urchin wrapped in seaweed

Japanese Sea Urchin tempura wrapped in seaweed
Uni Nori tempura

An exotic item in our list, the Japanese Sea Urchin is not really found in many of the tempura dishes here in Singapore. Experience the mellow and oceanic taste of this seafood delicately prepared and fried by the chef.

2 - Foie Gras Ohba

Foie Gras Tempura
Foie Gras Tempura

Duck livers are a rare find in Japanese dishes. Yet we also have Foie Gras tempura done by the chef in perfection. Wrapped in Ohba leaf, the Foie Gras tempura is a delicate dish in Yamakita.

1 - Wagyu Tenderloin

Wagyu Tenderloin Tempura
Wagyu Hire Tempura

Last but not least at the top of our list, the Wagyu Tenderloin tempura is a favourite by the patrons for its A5 marbling. Japanese A5 Premium Black Wagyu imported from Japan; the Wagyu Tenderloin is also available in the SAN tempura course available at Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas in Robertson Quay. The rarest find in Singapore!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for future blogs!


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Front view of Yamakita Tempura x Tapas at Robertson Quay Singapore
Yamakita Tempura x Tapas

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