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Wagyu Recommendations for the Wagyu Lovers in Singapore!

Since the launch of Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas in November 2022, we've been ecstatic to introduce Tempura and Sake options to our patrons in Singapore. While everyone would think we only serve seafood items as it is a staple in tempura dishes, you'd be excited to know that we also serve Premium A5 Wagyu beef in Robertson Quay as well! 1) Wagyu Hire Tempura

Though it is uncommon in various tempura restaurants to have beef in their list of tempura items, we have the A5 Wagyu Hire (tenderloin) tempura as part of our tempura a la carte and our SAN omakase course menu. One bite will send you straight to heaven with its delicate and tender taste of this Wagyu meat!

2) 4 types of Wagyu Steaks

There are 4 types of Wagyu steaks in our Grilled teppanyaki section of Yamakita's menu. That is the Wagyu hamburg steak, Wagyu Sirloin steak, Wagyu Hire steak and lastly the Wagyu Bite-sized steak. All of them are A5 grade in common but each are different in it's own rights. The taste, the texture and preparation methods are different as well. 3) Wagyu Roast Beef

The Wagyu Roast Beef has been a delicacy in our parent company, Aburiya. Recently, it has also launched here in Yamakita as well! Carefully sous-vide A5 Wagyu meat prepared with tare sauce. This will give you a taste of Wagyu that is true to it's marbling grade. Available on the appetizer menu AND available in the rice menu, as Wagyu Roast Beef Don. Which is topped with pasteurised egg yolk and poured with tare sauce. Try them today at Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas @ Robertson Quay! Reservations at

Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas @ Robertson Quay

60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside, #01-05/06, Singapore 238252

6235 4203/8499 6064 (Enquiries/WhatsApp 3.30pm onwards)

Tue to Sun - ​6pm to 11pm

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