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When you think of Tempuras, you immediately thought of deep fried prawns which anyone can do at their home. Well, you guessed that wrong! The term "tempura" is subject to some debate. Its origin is unclear, however several hypotheses contend that it is a Japaneseization of a Spanish or Portuguese word. So, what basically is a Tempura? Foods like prawns, asparagus, garland chrysanthemums, or salmons are delicately dipped in a batter of flour and water before being deep-fried in heated cooking oil to create the meal known as tempura. Batters used needs to be consistent as it's not runny nor thick, where the ingredients are carefully cooked IN THE BATTER! Despite the fact that tempura is a deep-fried meal, the ingredients are really cooked in the batter's steam. The aroma is contained within the batter and the ingredients are gradually and delicately heated rather than fried over an open flame.

Are there any differences in Tempuras across other Japanese prefectures?

The tempura in Kanto and Kansai differs in a few ways. In Kanto, tempura is battered with eggs and deep-fried in sesame oil till golden brown. To get rid of any fishy smells, tempura in Kanto was traditionally prepared with seafood from the sea of Tokyo bay.

On the other side, it was difficult to acquire fresh fish in Kansai, particularly in Kyoto, therefore vegetables (including mountain vegetables) were deep-fried in a batter devoid of eggs. The Kansai tempura was lighter in color and salted as compared to the tempura in Kanto. At Yamakita, our tempuras are battered without eggs, as it's one of the most common of them all in Japan to achieve the traditional method obtaining the actual taste of the ingredient when consumed, with or without the soy sauce. Are Tempuras eaten on it's own or eaten with other meals?

On many occasions, tempura are basic toppings to Tendon and soba noodles. A simple meal made at home and as a characteristic Japanese dish served in restaurants. Tempuras are very well-liked in many countries, not just in Japan. Visit Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas at Robertson Quay and view our tempura in the making right in front of you! -- Make your reservation today at

Front view of Yamakita Tempura x Tapas at Robertson Quay Singapore
Yamakita Tempura x Tapas

Yamakita: Tempura x Tapas @ Robertson Quay

60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside, #01-05/06, Singapore 238252

6235 4203/8499 6064 (Enquiries/WhatsApp 3.30pm onwards)

Tue to Sun - ​6pm to 11pm

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